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Published onApr 14, 2022


The book, offered to readers, presents the results of a study in the field of the university educational process, that took place in a situation of lockdown caused by the coronovirus pandemic COVID-19. The study was conducted in the spring and summer of 2020 and captured the very first experience of the education system responding to fundamentally new conditions of work and study, that is, it reflects their most obvious novelty. The book consists of two parts. In its first part, we are talking about the profession of a teacher of higher education, which has taken the blow of a sharp transition to remote forms of work. In the second part, through the lips of the students themselves, they talk about their way of life and study under the lockdown. In both cases, these are not only empirical data, but also an attempt to understand them from the point of view of some theoretical approaches. In particular, the theory of topochrone by M. Bakhtin and the theory of social trauma by P. Sztompka. It also pays special attention to the methods of obtaining research results.


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